Elder Abuse

John Hamilton Esq. is an experienced attorney with offices located in Irvine, CA, serving clients in Orange County and the surrounding areas. He focuses his practice on representing clients who have been victims of elder abuse and their families. He is an aggressive advocate for his clients’ rights, who are often among the most vulnerable in our society. He offers his clients personalized legal advice and compassionate counsel.

Orange County Elder Abuse Attorney John Hamilton

Attorney John Hamilton has helped countless clients in California resolve their elder care abuse matters. He is an experienced attorney with more than 20 years of experience advocating for his clients’ rights. As a solo practitioner, he is proud to provide his clients with the level of attention and personalized legal counsel that they deserve.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse comes in many shapes and forms—financial, emotional, and physical. Victims of elder abuse are often vulnerable, either through mental or physical impairment, and are often victimized by people who are entrusted with their care.

John Hamilton is an experienced elder abuse attorney who has successfully handled a wide variety of elder abuse matters, including:

  • Elder financial abuse
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Residential care facility abuse

If you suspect an elder family member is not receiving appropriate care, or worse, is being mistreated, you need the help of an experienced attorney. An experienced elder abuse lawyer can provide you with advice on how to build your case and document your claim.

John Hamilton has helped many clients end elder abuse and receive compensation for any damages. He knows that elder abuse claims are among the most difficult for families and victims. That is why he is committed to providing compassionate counsel to each of his clients when they need it the most. He works closely with his clients to understand every detail of their case. He then identifies your goals and provides high-quality, personalized counsel to help meet those goals and resolve any continuing problems.

John Hamilton is always available to personally answer any questions you may have about your case. He does not employ a paralegal, secretary, or legal assistant—you will always deal directly with him. He also offers flexible appointment times in his Irvine office or is able to meet in your own home or office.

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If you suspect elder abuse is occurring, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. Attorney John Hamilton has the necessary experience in elder abuse law to provide you with the information you need to stop the abuse and receive compensation for any damages. Contact our Irvine, California office today to schedule a free consultation with experienced elder abuse attorney John Hamilton.